What is Love?

Essay by Justin TewnUniversity, Bachelor'sA-, November 1996

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Upon examination of the vast amounts of theories on love I can only find myself in a more convoluted state. Love is in fact a great mystery to me, and I have only achieved frustration in trying to explicate it. In Scott Peck's book The Roadless Traveled there are a conglomerate of avenues that are explored within the topic of love. It is here that some insight is expressed to me about this perplexing subject. Although I do feel that actual life experiences that I have been involved in recently have attributed to a better understanding of this love phenomena, some of the ideas that are expressed in this book were of tremendous merit. I find it almost prophetic that this assignment happens to fall into the same time frame as when I am at a point of heightened curiosity on this subject of Love. Why at this very moment I find myself questioning my current status with a newfound relationship.

I can't help but to assume that I have found 'Genuine Love' because of an overwhelming feeling of vivacious content upon finding a seemingly perfect union. Peck's views on love in this respect differ from what my thoughts have conjured up as such. And I can only infer that the words of a reputable author and doctor are more legitimate than mine. It is here that I must stop to apologize to you, Louis, for making this part of the paper far too personal than necessary.

'Falling in Love' is a common myth in this society. The actual act of falling in love, according to Peck, is a misconception. There is a differentiation to be made between what is termed 'falling in love' and the act of real loving. Peck describes exactly what it is that...