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The Difference Between High School and College Some people adjust to college well because they have taken college preparatory courses in high school or visited different colleges. Unlike other high school students who have not taken college preparatory courses or visited different colleges; attending college for the first time might be different to them. I remember when I first came to college it was different to me because I had to adjust to the different classes, the people around me, and the lifestyle.

After graduating from high school and making a transition to college I noticed many differences between the two. The classes I had in high school were easy and took less time to study for because they were easy. Unlike college I have to study and review every night for each one of my classes to understand what is going on in that class. In high school everybody class started at the same time and ended at the same time.

The classes were held every day for the whole week. The classes were picked for the students and everyone had the same courses. However in college I have the choice of what classes I want that pertain to my course objective. Many students start their classes at different times depending on weather they are a morning, afternoon, or evening person. In high school the students attend for four years and earn credit towards a diploma. Similarly in college students attend college for four years and earn credit towards a degree in the area of their study.

The few months I have been attending college I had the pleasure to meet and get to know people from all over the United States and the world. The high school I attended was predominately black. There might be a few other students that stud out that were from another race. Nonetheless in college there are black, white, African, Dutch, and other nationalities from all over the world. I had to adjust to other races not only communicating with one certain race. The community I am from everybody has the same religion and beliefs. In college I noticed some people don't believe in god and have different beliefs.

The thing that I had to really adjust to was living a different a lifestyle. The lifestyles between high school and college are totally different physically and emotionally. While attending high school I had a home to go to after school and ate dinner at a certain time with my family. After I finished my homework I will go outside and go play with my friends. Time management was not important to me in high school because I followed the same routine everyday. In contrast I have to balance work, my studies, classes, and extra-curricular activities in college. Time management is very important to be successful in college. There are some many things that can distract a person from achieving a goal they have set. I am basically alone with no one to tell me what to do and what not to do. Everything is based on my decision whether it's going to class, doing my homework, or eating the right foods.

In conclusion, College might have some differences that a person might not be use to but there is room for adjustment. I had to experience these differences in college because I did not prepare myself in head of time in high school. Always be prepared for change because it can happen anytime whether it's a transition from high school to college or college to a career.