How to Love and Appreciate That Certain Someone

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I was once told that its the little things in life that matter most. I never really believe it until I lost someone really special to me because I was insensitive and didnt take every opportunity to make every moment special. Sometimes, words do speaker louder than actions, sometimes an insensitive comment stays impressed in your lovers mind just as much as the first time you told her you loved her. Although, I knew better than to be insensitive, I kept at it and at it, until a point that she couldnt take it anymore. I had taken for granted the best thing that life could ever put on my path. I disrespected the thing that I love the most, and life took her out of my path. I continued down my own path, learning, experiencing life, I have learned that for every relationship to last you need respect, admiration, and trust for your partner.

Ive learned that you must embrace her every time you see her, put your arms around her, put her tightly to your chest, allow her to hear your heart beat, and explain to her its beating a certain way because of her. Whisper to her your darkest secret in the rain at night, or just random events of your day. Tell her how much you missed her in the morning, even if you saw her the night before. Trust her with your problems, emotions, and feelings; allow her into your deepest level of consciences. Dont build walls, be totally open, allow her to see things the way you see them. When away, find any excuse to call or write, even if you know the real reason is to hear the sound of their voice or their style of writing in their text messages, to make sure they are alright, to make sure your love lives on.

Go anywhere she wants to go, not because you are forced to do so, but because you enjoy being with her. Because you like to see her smile, to get lost in her eyes, in her beauty. Because you want to share the warmth of your hand with hers. Because you like to have tickle fight until someone surrenders a kiss. Because you like to play with her beauty mark on her arm, even though shes beautiful and doesnt need it.

Shes the perfect girl, your lover, your mate, your best friend; you bond with her emotionally, intellectually, and astrologically. Shes your girlfriend, your best friend, your lover, your princess, your cutie. Pay attention to the little things; learn about her favorite food, so you can cook her dinner. Learn about her favorite music, so you can serenade her from her bedroom window at night. You can recognize the smell of her perfumes from a mile away, a snip of them can take you to memory lane for hours. Shes the girl who you can get lost in her eyes, in her beauty, for hours. Shes the girl that makes you giggle, when she tells you she has weight issues, because she beyond perfect shape. Take her to dairy queens and share an ice cream, lie on the ground at night watching the stars, and dedicate one to her. Give her a teddy bear, give her affection, give her your heart and the keys to the gates of your soul.

Take her side; always defend her in front of any third party. Dont allow anyone to slander her name. Tell your buddies how much you miss her when youre going out with them. What does it matter what they think? At the end of the day, she is the only one that will be there, waiting for you to cuddle up with and camp under the night sky.

She is your princess, respect her has one. Before, during, and after the relationship. Dont do things that make her seem that she was nothing to you, theres no need for intentional pain. Dont say or do things that you know will offend her.

Shes the perfect girl, the girl who totally satisfies you by just putting her head on your shoulder. Shes the person that you sit with for hours and discuss your future, your ambitions, and your dreams. Shes the person thats always there to support you. I realized that each person in a relationship is like a support beam to this creation of love, you cant afford to doubt, cheat, or lie because it jeopardizes everything. Discuss your doubts, thoughts, goals, aspirations, worries, fears, and secrets, let her truly see you, because shes allowing you to see into her.

There are random times in the course of our lives, that destiny throws something great at us. Some of us that receive it and take care of it, then there are some that take it for granted lifes gifts, and loose them. Looking back in retrospective its ironic how Im the one giving advice, I lost my love, and maybe I shouldve followed my own advice, and been a better lover. I write this full of regrets, sadden, disappointed in myself, life had given me a princess, and I had taken her for granted, and life sometimes doesnt give second chances. Im now at a point of my life, where I could see my princess in the arms of another man. The pain is unbearable, the sight of it is fatal, you are totally powerless. All I can do is sit and write, try to deal with the loss of my princess, the gain of regret. Im going outside now, look at the star that used to be, and try to cope under the night sky, maybe see a shooting star and ask it for a second chance.

Written By: Roby Gonzalez