Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain

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It has been fourteen years now since Nirvana's lead vocalist and front-man Kurt Cobain had supposedly committed suicide. That was what the police report said, though many people failed to believe that Kurt Cobain had committed suicide, Max Wallace and Ian Halpern were two of those people, and the authors of this book.

The book begins by explaining the reasoning for the sequel to the book Who Killed Kurt Cobain? Reason being that the book left the title of the book unanswered, and people weren't particularly pleased with the fact. Though there wasn't the evidence needed in the mid-1900s (when the first book was written) to state a clear verdict on what had happened. About ten years later the authors came back with plenty new evidence to make the mystery of the death of Kurt Cobain clearer. They wrote the book to detail Kurt's early life to the day of his death, and proved that not only did Kurt not commit suicide, but it was nearly impossible for him to do so.

The book has a layout that jumps back and forth, to and from different areas of his life, in this report I'll lay out his life from start to finish as described in the book. Since Courtney Love plays a major role in Kurt's life, I will also be describing her life up until meeting Kurt in a separate paragraph.

Kurt Cobain grew up in the town of Aberdeen, Washington, USA. Aberdeen was known for nothing special, except for an exceedingly high suicide rate-double that of the United States. He was known for his artistic abilities, more so noticed by his fellow community members-not his parents. Ever since a young age, he was neglected by his parents, and often abused by step-parents after his parents divorce. This...