Love Between Men and Women

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Some people would say that with all the obstacles that African Americans have endured, we couldn’t take on the loyalty of love. African Americans were even defined by white people as “chattel”, an item of movable personal property, (Slavery and Womanhood, Davis 170); therefore, African Americans were being judge from the beginning. Since being forced into servitude, with the anger we may carry, our ways of behaving may show a lack of respect we have for one another. Our history contains nothing but negativity. Perfect example is Ayi Kwei Armah explanation of African American history, “wreckage of our people…what has been cast abroad is not a thousandth of our history, even if its quality were truth”, (Two Thousand Seasons, Armah, 209). Therefore, white people cast a believable statement of black love being non-existent. The African writers in, “African literature and Culture”, by Dr. Munashe Furusa explains the serenity of men and women in relationships.

As the reader, we are giving the self-confidence, compassion, and commitment both sexes reveal. Most writers told many stories of women being extremely strong for their family. First reason would be due to the strong confidence women had for themselves and their family. Especially since the man of the house spent many hours working in the field, the women had to carry on as the authority figure of the home. Women had to be the one to take care of the children, keep the house clean and have dinner ready when the husband when he arrived home. All the above duties including attending to their master’s demands and whims were considered a normal everyday chore. With all the hard work in one day given to the women and the children, took a great toll of tiresome days for every member of the household. However, as a...