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Introduction With Love Bev by Beverly Differding is an autobiography by a woman who, in a major car accident, was seriously injured and lost the use of her legs. It is the story of a woman who dealt with her disability in all aspects of life. Her story tells about the major life adjustments that she made because of her acquired disability, the medical process that she went through after the accident, and the vital factors of her recovery.

The Will To Live After forty-nine years of living a normal life, a tragic car accident changed the life of Beverly Differding forever. The trauma of loosing two close friends and almost her own life was so severe that, at first, Beverly wished that she could have died in the accident so that she would not have to deal with the pain of living. With the love and support of her family and friends, though, she found the strength within her to live.

They made her realize how important she was to them. The major turning point in her attitude was when her son Ken said, sobbing uncontrollably, "I love you so much, Mom. I don't want you to die" (Differding, pp.46). She had chosen to fight for her life because she knew that she was still needed by her family and friends. This decision was the first major step in Beverly's recovery. It marked the beginning of the healing process for Beverly.

Many other forms of inner strength came out of Beverly. Several times during her recovery, she used meditation and what she called visualization to heal her wounds. Whether this was what actually healed her wounds or not, they gave her a sense of control in her life and empowered her to help herself.

The Medical Factor Being in...