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Sue was a young pretty girl. She was seventeen years old. Sue looked like an angel - she had long blond hair, a pale skin, crisp blue eyes and a winning smile. Her figure was perfect too. Even though her appearance was really attractive, her soul was a bit wicked. This soul wasn't like a soul of angel. Sue was full of herself and she never thought of anyone else, she didn't care about human feelings.

Sue wanted to find a boyfriend. Of course, there were hundreds of boys who wanted to be Sue's valentine. But for her, none of them was good enough. One was too little, one was too tall. One was too slim, one was too fat. One was ugly and another didn't have much money. One was foolish, but the second one was even too clever. She thought she was a perfect girl so she couldn't have only a common boy.

After few weeks, Sue was on a dance. She was dancing with some common boy, when she noticed the boy she didn't know. She asked herself: "Who is that handsome prince?" Sue wasn't a coy girl so she went to talk with this "prince". As she talked to him, she found out that his name was Marc. Marc didn't want to be impolite so he talked to her in a polite way, but in fact, he didn't like girls like Sue was. Rather, he hated them.

Following days, Sue was like in a dream, because she thought, Marc is the best boy she had ever known. She was sure, that Marc would be her boyfriend very soon. But one day, as Sue was walking along the school corridor, she heard Marc and his friend Joe as they were talking about her. Marc told Joe that Sue was a beautiful girl, but she didn't have a heart. As Sue heard these words, at first she was angry with Marc. She went home, sat down on the bed and started crying. During this crying she realized that she was really bad. And also Sue realized that she loved Marc so much, that she didn't want to lose him. Sue didn't know what to do. But then she had an idea.

Sue went back to the school where Marc still was. She came closer to him. When he noticed her, at first he wanted to make up some elusion and go away. But in that moment, Sue started talking. She told him, that she would change her behaviour because of him. Sue promised she wouldn't be so wicked and she would try to be a really good person. And after these words, tears started to glow down her face and she told him the last sentence: "Even I am not so perfect I thought I was, I have a heart and this heart beats only for you." Marc was very surprised and he had never expected to happen this. Marc gave Sue the second chance and they were ready to start relationship without boast and mischievousness together.