Love conquers all other Emotions

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“Love conquers all other emotions”, a saying which is demonstrated in the world famous Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. A play of romance, love, hate, anger, conflict and death. A play of two families in an ancient grudge, exchanging blows with each others and losing friends and family to this grudge. But in the midst of this brawl, this continuous fighting, a “pair of star crossed lovers” arise and defy their parents and close friends to continue their ongoing relationship. This love continues and continues until fate takes an abrupt turn and renders them both dead from unfortunate circumstances.

Love plays an important role in William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. The play has been centred mainly on the love shown between Romeo and Juliet; however other representations of love are shown throughout the play as well. Some of the representations of love in the play are friendship, duty, support and passion which cause the reader to respond in different ways to each of the portrayals of love.

Throughout this essay I will be looking at the different representations of love and how the reader is positioned to respond to the different types shown throughout the play.

Love is a tough emotion and can make people do fanatical things. In one of the acts Romeo grieves over the fact that his “love”, a girl called Rosaline, has ravished his heart by taking a vow of abstinence. He becomes very withdrawn, avoids his family and keeps himself shut away from the world. However Romeo admits to Friar Lawrence in the play that because she didn’t return his love, he quickly fell out of love with her.

“Doth grace for grace and love for love allow,The other did not so”In Act 1 Scene 5, Romeo and Juliet exchange their feelings for each...