Is love at first sight possible ?

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Everybody knows the typical movie scene that comes to mind with an elevator music playing in the background: running in front of the sea in slow motion, arms wide open, a long embrace and an even longer kiss. Love at first sight? I don’t think soLust at first sight? Most definitely. What is the meaning of love at first sight? Love at first sight means that when a person sees another individual they have never met before, they automatically decide they want to spend the rest of their lives with that person, cherish them, take care of them, grow old with them, and etc. In fact, the feelings people get when they first see someone are more of a feeling of great relevance, rather than the complex emotion of love. There can be no doubt in my mind that there is attraction at a mere glance that takes place when first meeting a person but after two years when the butterflies fade, where is the love? We have all met one day that person who is so stunning when you first lay eyes on them that you cannot look away.

You can instantly fall into that almost obsessive pattern of wanting and needing to be around them, talk to them, and be committed to them. But in twenty years, that stunning person will have gotten older, maybe lost their hair or gained a few extra pounds. If you base your "love" on that first impression, you are likely to be disappointed when the feeling fades after a few months, weeks, or days. Physical attraction and chemistry are not love. If you know nothing about someone's character, values, personality, and how compatible you are with this person on a level beyond the purely physical, this is not love, and you can be deceived by appearances. If this person was in a fire and suffered second degree burns over their face and body, would you still love them? If the answer is no, then you never loved them. You just loved the way they looked. Love is hard work; love is accepting the good times, bad times and all the effort and never giving up. In fact the word Love is misused and abused. I would rather say, crush at first sight. That would be more truthful. Love is a special thing that is developed over years, there has to be complete trust and admiration for the other person. You have to know without a doubt that they are going to be there for you no matter what. How can you sum up your whole life's pursuit, everything you've been looking for in a single glance? We'd all like to believe that. But the facts are, you just can't!