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Essay by ohcrap14 November 2014

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We are kidding ourselves if we believe that athletes are taking performance-enhancing drugs for "the love of the game," and "they are driven by relentless fans to achieve greater levels of strength and prowess" (Villagomez 586-587) Sure they are! It's more so for the love of their pockets and the need for fame. Sure we can argue that there is no difference in an athlete using natural stimulants such as caffeine and creatine to enhance their performance, but that would be misleading. There is no disagreement that caffeine acts as a stimulant, restoring alertness, increasing memory, physical performance and muscle recovery. Creatine, naturally obtained through high protein diet, supplies energy to all cells in the body primarily muscle; however, these natural stimulants do not have the same negative impact on the human body that "lab made or synthetic steroids create (Radley Balko)". However, to "change the rules to allow regulated, supervised access" is ridiculous (Julian Savulescu). Regulated or not, steroids should be banned from the world of sports. Not only do they cause a negative lasting mental and physical impact on those who are using, but they also create a disadvantage to those who are naturally competing.

We know that "steroids make you faster, stronger and they help you look, feel and be younger. Make you wealthy, famous and help you become successful" (Michael George). But, if the side effects to anabolic steroids are, reduces sperm count, liver disorder, blood clots, difficulty or pain while urinating, premature heart attack or stroke, deep depression, suicidal tendencies and death, then let's ask ourselves, "What advantage does one really have in using steroids if the only two outcomes are damage to the human body or death?" Although, there is "no clinical proof that steroids directly lead to death...