Love; One Perspective

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Many believe that there is no such thing as "true love"; they believe that love is nothing but an illusion. Nonetheless, some believe that love is the most powerful emotion to overcome them. They believe that it's an addiction and until it's satisfied they will continue to search for it far and wide. Before anyone can make any definite conclusion on love, they must first understand; what love really is and how the importance of any romantic relationship is beneficial to their lives whether it be with a man or a woman. It must also be understood that love is the emotion that makes the world go round.

Webster's Dictionary defines love as: "Strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; affection and tenderness felt by lovers". Before anyone can love another person, they have to love themselves and accept love into their lives by being honest with themselves.

They have to understand the difference between love and lust. Love is a strong emotion and furthermore, not a word to be taken lightly. It could be argued that love isn't a feeling, that a relationship wouldn't last on merely emotions, and that knowledge is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Although it does seem logical, if we actually think about it, we are the only ones who can truly define what love really is, and we are the people who have felt this, who still feel this everyday of our lives. Many have felt some sort of connection with someone, but the majority of the time these are the feelings of lust, which could be described as intense sexual desires. Equally love and lust are characteristics of a relationship that would make one feel confused and mesmerized.

"Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, it...