Love poem and a poem on "Black Oppression".

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Black And White

In this infinity of darkness,

Hidden in deserts of death,

Lies a speck, a grain of meaning,

We live single moments in an eternity of existence,

We've got one second to pose,

One second before curtains,

One breath, one life,

To be spent in a circle of suffering,

Among knife-bearers,

Murders and thieves,

Greed and hate.

I lurk in shadows,

Which bear my name.

I live in blind whispers,

And in shame.

Of the person I am,

The people I've known,

And the people I am.

My lands where mine have bled,

The fields which mine have made,

The ruins of mine great legacy,

To be spat on in disgrace,

As devils of our race.

I walk the streets at night,

I've never seen the light,

That my dad pointed to and smiled,

With one hand on my shoulder,

A long time ago,

In a place I can't quite remember,

In a land I can't quite pronounce,

On an earth unreddened, and futures clean,

Where I ran in liberty

With a heart of purity and eyes of glee,

I rest my back on a great tree,

With pride and dignity,

And enjoy the moment,

Savor the breathe,

For I know it can't last before the coin is turned.

Then it came unthinkably,

And unimaginably,

It came in power and in will,

And defied the land on which I walk and dream

And decreed me inept as a human being.

I live on sweet memories,

For I know there wont be anymore,

I thank Jah that I live and breathe,

But curse the moment he closed his eyes,

My world collapsed on me,

I cried and cried at the darkened skies,

And I gazed at the stars,

And hoped.

Death will not stop my words echoing,

Punishment will...