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Throughout American History, individuals dream about achieving the Ideal Family Lifestyle. Finding that special someone, falling in love, getting married, and eventually settling down and beginning a family and living happily ever after, if it was only so simple. More and more couples are starting to get divorces, somewhat like a contagious disease. Today, both men and women are able to live on their own, as they realize the difference between one another, that love has hidden for to long.

Divorce leads to many life changes for both of the spouses and effect many other people close to them. Children bring a broader view on this discussion. Single parenthood has been around, since prior to the Nineteen hundreds in America. In time families were common, expected, and predictable. They lead the Ideal Family Lifestyle, a man and a woman would meet at a young age, grow up together, and eventually marry.

After the couple was wed they began to start a family and they all lived happily ever after. During these years fifty years of age was considered old and, individuals should enjoy the rest of their lives.

Studies by Peter Uhlenberg have shown that forty percent of families have the Ideal Family Lifestyles. From the year 1890 to 1894, Uhlenberg did a study on women that were born in the U.S. during this period. He showed the percent of black and white women that turned fifty years old that had at least one child and was with their first spouse. Forty two percent of white women and thirty percent of black women were his results. Which informed that family do have difficulties sometimes. During the early part of the twentieth century American families started to change. A great deal of diversity set in at this time. In rural America...