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Teenage Relationships

Teens in society today do not really understand the concept of relationships. They do not know that relationships are not always going to be fun and breathtaking. There are going to be problems sometimes, and they need to know how to work them out. In order to be able to work through a difficult time, they need to have certain factors in their relationships. Trust, honesty, and good communication are the main points that contribute to a healthy relationship, but there are also components like support, fairness, and compromise.

A true relationship is built on trust. First, for one to be in a relationship, he or she has to be able to be trust that his or her partner is going to treat him or her special, and treat the partner the way he or she deserves to be treated. One should not play any games when it comes to trust.

One cannot have a relationship if one cannot rely on his or her partner. One has to treat his or her partner how he or she wants to be treated. One has to be trustworthy if one wants his or her partner to be trustworthy. One cannot be with someone he or she cannot trust and someone he or she thinks is going to treat him or her wrong. If trust has been broken before and one is scared it is going to happen again, it is better to just break up. The breaking of trust breaks a relationship. If one does not have trust in a relationship, it will never workout. With lack of trust, one constantly worries, which could lead to jealousy and cause arguments. One will be unhappy and not be able to experience how a relationship should be. One not only hurts...