A Love Story

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John, an energetic and spontaneous man, and Wendy a sophisticated intellectual. What brought these two together? Was is fate, destiny, or a coincidence? The two came from different places, with different lifestyles, and different plans for the future. So opposite were these two, yet so very much alike. They found each other in college, meeting by chance, parting, and meeting again, to find how much they truly loved each other.

It was 1972 at Purdue University and the day of a school sock hop. Vicky was a bleach blonde, bright red lipstick, energetic, and crazy girl. A partier and good friend of Wendy, Vicky dragged Wendy to the dance. Partying with her perky pals, she introduced Wendy to one of the group, John. Recalling the day, Wendy says "We just talked a while and danced to Janice Joplin, Led Zeppelin, and Tiny Tim". The first impressions were not of love at first site but more of friendship.

John and Wendy only went out freshman year and stayed friends. John was more of a partier and joker, and Wendy "was more interested in college and [her] studies" (Wendy). John started dating other girls and met a woman Sophomore year named Tae. He married Tae after graduation and stayed in a friendly relationship with Wendy throughout the years. Wendy attended John's wedding, and Tae was jealous of her. John tells Wendy later that when he saw her drop off the wedding present, he knew that it was Wendy whom he wanted to marry. After they were married, John and Tae moved to Kissimmee, Florida. After graduating college, Wendy joined the Peace Corps and moved to Lesotho in southern Africa. They continued to write letters to each other, and some of the letters Wendy still has today. They both had feelings for each other which they called friendship, unknowing that it was actually love.

Six months after the wedding, John found Tae in bed with another man and realized that his marriage was a huge mistake, and they soon divorced. He tried to get together with Wendy, but she declined. They still stayed in touch with each other through letters, unknowing how much in love they actually were. Again, the two moved on with their lives. Moving to New Orleans, Wendy entered Tulane University for her Masters degree. For relaxation and fun, she signed up for Scuba diving lessons. Coincidentally the open dive that was required for completion of the class was in Florida. John, being a skilled scuba lover and living in Florida near the open dive, asked if he could sign up to go diving with her class. As they dove in Destin, Florida, they knew that they were put together by fate, and realized that they were meant for each other.

They were the perfect couple. He proposed on a beach bending down on one knee. She accepted and married him December 27, 1980. They were extremely blissful with each other. Destiny brought them to Destin, and love brought them together. They met in college, went on with their lives, and fate brought them together 8 years later, to live in harmony for their whole lives.