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Michelle Perez


Reflection #2

Capitalism: A love story

The film "Capitalism: A Love Story" by Michael Moore was extremely interesting.

I don't like watching documentary's most of the time, especially about capitalism. However, this

one opened up my eyes to a lot of issues that have occurred or are currently occurring in America

that many people are unaware of. Three major parts of the documentary that really caught my

attention were the fact that American textbooks and made Ronald Reagan seem like such an

"economy saver." It definitely did seem like he was a hero, but in actuality, the upper class were

the only people who benefited from his tactics. The second part of this documentary that was

interesting to me was the fact that air plane pilots, the people we trust to fly us thousands of feet

in the air, get paid less than a manager at Taco Bell.

The average pilot gets paid $16-$20,000

annually, way less than what I was expecting. Many of them are actually even using food stamps.

That goes to show how low there income is, and that is not fair for them because now most pilots

are now in debt and it is because of their low income and the fact that they are paying back student

loans. Thirdly, what really took me by surprise and complete shock was that major companies like

Wal-Mart and Bank of America are making millions of of money of any of their employees who

pass away. Michael Moore explained that these companies take out health insurance policies on

their workers, claim themselves as beneficiaries, and then can claim up to millions for the death of

their employees, leaving the families with nothing. It talks about how it is better for the companies

if the...