Love Through Life

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Love is universal or so we're told. Everyone can love. It is a part of human nature to both love and hate. Without hate, there can be no love to contrast it. We are constantly bombarded by the imagery of love through art, television, music, and other such media. Everyone understands the concept of it, for one must navigate life with blind eyes to never have encountered it. We all have dreams and as Sigmund Freud explained it, "Dreams are the expression of our inner most thoughts and desires." So naturally we explore love first through dreams and later in life through visual and physical reality. The problem is that our dreams almost always surpass our reality and in those rare instances when they do meet, the love is so strong it verges on self-destruction. Yet, we all yearn for our dreams to become reality. Imagery found in media often portrays love as being a potent metaphor, an expression of this yearning.

Love is war and love is fantasy are two common examples. Almost immediately, our mind conjures images of lush tropical islands and death-ridden battlefields. But this hyped up comparison doesn't match the reality in which we confront love, and perhaps love, in my reality, can best be conveyed through the "seasons" of life.

We first met at a coffee shop where she worked. I was with my friends, but didn't feel like talking, and so I stared into oblivion. Little did I know that oblivion could be so captivating. Our eyes met and from first glance she stole my heart. Strangely enough I had never seen her before, but she had that special something about her, I couldn't stop staring. We made eye contact several times and before I knew it, two hours had passed, my friends...