"Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Marquez.

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Entry 1

In LTC, Gabriel Marquez explores the world of a man who is desperately in love with another woman. Florentino Ariza is in love with Fermina. They once met when they were young and at first Fermina falls in love with him. However Fermina eventually marries the Doctor. For several years, Florentino drowns his sorrows of loosing his love be commiting adultery with many women. He even rights a book about all the people he has made love to. Regarding the marriage between Dr. Urbino and Fermina, I think although Fermina is a strong-minded woman she has no faith in what she does. She always doubts herself. In fact she frequently goes back to her parents as a young child to seek advice. Dr. Urbino, however, has an affinity to exploring his faith. He always shows his faith in god and he goes to the Archbishop for help. One thing I found interesting about the marriage of Dr.

Urbino and Fermina is that Dr. Urbino does not allow any creatures in the house unless they can speak. Fermina gets around this rule and finds a parrot.

Entry 2

Florentino Ariza, in his early love years with Fermina, writes many notes and messages to her. He goes through great trouble to try and communicate with her. In the end, however, she decides not to marry him. Her decision devastated Florentino. He goes through a period of denial. After that, he begins to stalk her. His infatuation with her overwhelms him and soon he begins to serenade her in the middle of the night. I don't think that Florentino could be considered insane because his madness is focused on only one thing-his love for Fermina. Had he never met her, his insanity would be non-existent. However much he tries, however, he...