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Courtney Loomis

Ms. Main

Composition B3

7 March 2014

Family Values in Public Schools

"If we want our children to possess the traits of character we most admire we need to teach them what these traits are and why they deserve both admiration and allegiance" -William J Bennet. Family values should be taught in public schools because it encourages, teaches, prevents and familiarizes students with life and the world around them. Teaching values in schools encourages individual responsibility; promotes self-discipline; teaches respect for others and toleration of diversity; prevents bullying; decreases depression and boosts self-confidence; and familiarizes students with compassion, generosity, and loyalty.

Family Values encourage individual responsibility and promote self-discipline. Students have a large responsibility to be a caring member of their family, their community, and their world. Stories and role-playing can help students understand responsibility and its absence or failure (The Advisory Council of the Kochhar Humanist Education Center).

Parents are most commonly told that their role is to teach their children responsibility and self-discipline, but what about those parents who don't know right from wrong or don't know proper responsibility A2habits. School is responsible for preparing students for the real world. Students need to be taught the responsibility and self-discipline expectations of the working world, and it is best to begin teaching them at a young age.

Today's society is full of diversity and different people making it important to have respect for others and toleration of diversity. Understanding of diversity can be gained regarding the many communities we live in through history, anthropology, and biology. Cultural diversity is present in the classroom and provides lessons of diversity and commonality (American Humanist Association). If you walk into a public school today, you'll no doubt see kids who are different. Only by respecting themselves can students ever learn...