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True love always brings some difficulties and obstacles between couples. If the love

is unrequited, it shows hatred, jealousy and weakness but if the love is requited, it appears

happy and strong. However, Shakespeare also showed some true love and obstacles in

them in his novel "A Midsummer Night's Dream". In this novel he showed the example

of Hermia and Lysander, desperate Helena and Demetrius and the very last Pyramus and

Thisbe that had faced many obstacles in love.

First of all, Hermia and Lysander faced Egeus's disapproval of their love and cruel

law of Athens. The obstacles between Hermia and Lysander was Demetrius because

Egeus wanted Demetrius to marry her beautiful daughter Hermia .Furthermore, the cruel

law of Athens was also an obstacle in couple's love. The law was Hermia will be a nun

or she will put to death if she doesn't marry with Demetrius. In this race of love various

obstacles have to be negotiated.

Egeus's complaint is prove when he said to Hermia, "I

do estates unto Demetrius" (I,I,98). Infect, in Hermia and Lysander's love many obstacles

came but all obstructions got assessed by the couples.

Another example of hindrance in love is Helena who was loved once by Demetrius

and now she is facing Demetrius's inconstancy. Helena got rejected by Demetrius

because he was an inconstant man who go for every other woman. Helena suffered

Demetrius's perversity and begged her love for him. Also, Helena felt low-self esteem

and tolerated from the insult of Demetrius. Helena had no confidence whenever she talks

to Demetrius. Helena's self-deprecation near Demetrius is proved when she said to

Demetrius, "I am your spaniel; the more you beat me, I will fawn on you" (II,I, 203-204).

Helena showed low-self esteem to Demetrius that she can be a dog and...