When love is wrong

Essay by hammitUniversity, Bachelor'sA, March 2007

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My love for you grows stronger each day

passing a point where it's no longer play

my heart is promised to another before God

now these feelings I feel make me feel so odd

Can I be unfaithful if we can never touch

or is it wrong because I feel it so very much

still so very much in love with my wife

and yet you are center stage in my life

This painful love has me holding back tears

it adds to my doubts, multiplies my fears

love feels good, it lifts my heart song high

stained by a name, frustrated I must sigh

How can I make this love for you feel right

how can I not dream of you each night

Lord help me sort this out, I sadly pray

if only for a moment I could find the way

You want me, you need me, you told me so

and my desire burns so brightly you know

as a child I learned that love is God's gift

that love should be steadfast and never shift

Am I wrong to feel so damned confused and sad

so feeling the good feeling of love makes me bad

please help me sort out the misery of my heart

perhaps I'm wrong, or maybe this is just the start