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Scene 1 Court of Macbeth's castle.

Enter Banquo, and Fleance

Banquo asks how the night has gone, they discus how Banquo feels unrest this night.

Enter Macbeth and a servant

Banquo draws his sword and shouts who's there? Macbeth answers, a friend. Banquo asks why Macbeth is not yet in bed since the king is. He tells of how the king is glad to be in Macbeth's house.

They discuss Banquo's dream the night before about the weird sisters. Macbeth lies that he has not thought of them since the night they appeared. They talk of having a conversation about it at some point.

Banquo and Fleance leave. Macbeth tells his servant to go tell his mistress that when his drink is ready she should ring the bell, and then to go to bed himself.

Macbeth begins hallucinating a dagger. Is this a dagger that I see with the handle toward me? Let me grab it, I don't have you, but I still see you.

Are you as real as I see you to be? Or are you a dagger of the mind, a false image coming from my wracked mind? I still see you looking as real as the one that I now draw (pulls dagger) you show me the way I am going and like you, I am a tool to use. My eyes are just fools of the other senses, or else keener than the rest. I still see you, on your blade is lots of blood where there was not any before. There is no such thing. It is the bloody business that I am involved in that makes it seem this way to my eyes. Now over the world all of nature seems dead and evil dreams won't let me sleep. Witchcraft...