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Is there such a thing as a perfect weapon or the perfect murder? The book "Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold describes the narrator, Susie Salmon, in heaven after she was raped and murdered by her neighbor, George Harvey, in an underground room. In heaven, Susie watches her family and friends go through the grieving process and realization of her death while also watching her murderer cover his tracks. The story begins with Susie explaining how she was raped and murdered on December 6, 1973, while she was walking in the cornfield to her house after school. George Harvey gets Susie to follow him into his underground "clubhouse". There he raped and killed her. Mr. Harvey puts Susie's body parts in a safe and dumps her into a sinkhole. The family is shocked. Her mother, Abigail, moves to California. A few months go by and Grandma Lynn moves in. Once Lindsey graduates from high school, Samuel proposes to her.

Soon afterward Buckley used some of Susie's old items in his garden. As soon as his father sees the items, he overreacts and collapses from a heart attack. After the attack, Abigail comes back and tried to rekindle their love. On a visit to the sinkhole Ruth, Susie's classmate, and switch bodies with Susie. Lindsey and Samuel get married and fix up the old house that they found. When Grandma Lynn dies, Lindsey gives birth to Abigail Suzanne, who was born 10 years after Susie was murdered. Mr. Harvey in his old habits wants another girl but is stabbed by an icicle - "the perfect weapon". At first "The Lovely Bones" seems to be a book about a teenage girl's death, it is actually about the struggles a family goes through when they loose a sister, daughter, and friend.

The book...