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Summary of The Lovely Bones

The novel The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is about the destruction and rebuilding of a family after a significant death. The narrator of the story, "Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie" is a fourteen year old girl "with mousy brown hair" who was murdered on December 6th 1973. Susie is telling the story of her family's life from heaven. On a cold and dark December day Susie was walking home from her junior high school and decided to take a shortcut through a cornfield that led right into her development. Along the way she met up with Mr. Harvey which "of course, in a cornfield, in the dark" startled her. He made some small talk and told her about a fort he built. " I build this as a fort for the kids in the neighborhood. I thought it could be some sort of clubhouse."

He led her to it and invited her in. When she tried to leave he said, "You're not leaving, Susie. You're mine now." Once down there he proceeded to rape and murder her.

After arriving in heaven, Susie had to adjust to where she was and what was going on. She had every material thing she could ask for with just a thought of it. Susie made friends with a girl named Holly on her third day and they soon became roommates. Susie watched, as her family down on earth was worrying about where she was. Her father and mother got a detective to cover the case and he could not find any evidence that she had been kidnapped or murdered. The search went on for several days and slowly they found clues of where Susie had been. They found her school papers and a book that she...