Loving and Nurturing Parents Create Healthy Children (an expository essay)

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It is very important to bring a child up in a positive domestic environment. Providing a healthy emotional example is vital in today's society. Without proper nurturing or positive life experience, a child could grow up to be emotionally challenged or more commonly known as a "basket case". A child must receive adequate social support. If not, once the child reaches adulthood their relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc. may be extremely difficult to maintain. Drug and alcohol abuse can permanently damage a child's ability to relate to people on an emotional or psychological level. The damage could cause serious life-long social conflicts.

Studies show that children who have been physically beaten or abused by a parent may grow up to repeat the acts on their own children. Emotional and mental abuse has also been shown to have devastating effects on a child. A child that has been emotionally or mentally abused is most likely to end up in jail or hooked on drugs.

There are many steps parents must take to ensure a positive relationship with their child. Children need constant love and attention. Every child needs to feel secure and safe to develop a sense of trust. Without a steady bond to a caring adult, a child is at risk for becoming hostile, difficult, and hard to manage. Behavioral problems are less likely to occur in a child later on in life if parents are significantly involved in their life at an early age. It is not possible for parents to show their child love and attention constantly. It can be even more difficult if you are a single parent, inexperienced, or have a child with special needs or is sick constantly. Children also need adult supervision. They depend on their parents for guidance, encouragement, and support as...