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Causes and Consequences of Low Birth weight

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Causes and Consequences of Low Birth weight

Birth of a baby is the start of a new era of a generation. As the new born infants are the internodes of the future, In order to have a health and strength population they should be given the proper health status from the beginning of their life. From the birth an infant can cause lot of health risks such as birth defects, severe organ damages or functional problems and even the death. All most all the above health risks are occurred due to the nutritional problems as well as the physical damages. With the reference of most out coming results in the world, as LBW contributes to 60% to 80% of all neonatal deaths, the Low birth weight (LBW) has become a common problem that occurs at the first step of infants' life and moreover it has become a severe problem as the health risks due to the Low birth weight can be even seen at the adulthood of a person who are born with low birth weight.

Birth weight is considered as the first weight that measures immediately after birth of the baby. Birth weight of an infant is a strong indicator of the newborn's survival chances, growth, long-term health as well as the psychosocial development. Furthermore it is an efficient sign of the health and nutritional status during the pregnancy period and pre-pregnancy period. Low birth weight has been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as weight at birth of less than2500 grams (5.5 pounds). According to their survey results low birth weight babies are approximately 20 times have the chance of being fatal than normal babies...