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Lower Class · The education level of the lower class people in the past was little to none. Some could not read and others who did were not a high school graduates.

· Because they had little to no education they were subject to no skilled jobs which meant lower wages.

· Most worked on farms from sun up to sun down earning maybe enough to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

· Some could not buy shoes or clothes. They use hand me downs or even took turns wearing each other shoes or clothes.

· Because of lower wages, a lot of families did not have the luxury of having a lot of leisure.

· The biggest leisure that the family had was to go to church on Sundays, which probably meant gong into town or attending church functions.

· Children made up games to play and use what was around to have a source of entertainment.

· Now that we have set guidelines to what a person can make, lower income families can enjoy a little more luxury and entertainment.

· The education background is still little to none but now we have families with high school diplomas.

· They still have no skilled jobs such as: house cleaning, working in fast food restaurants, retail, and etc.

They usually have government assistance such as low-income housing, welfare, and food stamps.