Lowering the Drinking Age

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If it is legal in this country to join the armed forces, marry someone you love for the rest of your life, and vote for our countries leader at the age of eighteen, don’t you think we should be allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage? I say that at the age of eighteen we should be allowed to do so. Even “college professors from over 100 different campuses are calling for a reform in the law because it is only worsening our problems” (Maloney ¶1). Thus, lowering the drinking age to 18 will lower binge drinking, cases drunk driving, and make it less of a rebellious action for collagens.

If the drinking age is lowered to the age of 18, as a result, binge drinking will too. This is because those between the ages of 18 and 21 can now do so publicly and not have to do so in private.

“When the age was raised again in 1988 to 21, drinking did not stop; but was only taking place behind closed doors” (Maloney ¶19). Much was the same case as in the 1920’s with the Prohibition Act. Students who often binge drink, do it early on in the evening. Since they do not want to be caught with any alcohol on them, they consume as much as they can in advance to last them the night. If the law were to be corrected, then this method would be disposed of since they would not have to worry about being seen with a drink in hand.

When the binge drinking lowers, drunk driving will also. People have argued that in the time era before 1984 drunken driving fatalities were higher then they are. Although this is true, “a lot of the facts have to do with...