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To tell the truth or not to tell the truth that is the question. Should loyalty influence your decision on telling the truth, this writer thinks not. If you are going to tell the truth, you should not let anything influence your decision but the truth. If you feel that something will influence your decision on telling the truth, don't say anything at all. You can always plead the 5th; just don't lie on someone else because the truth isn't loyal. When you do that, you are not being loyal at all.

The captain of the USS Iowa believed that the loyal thing to do will be just lie and put the blame on someone else. Eventually the captain realized that the real truth was the only loyal thing to do. So he said nothing and didn't put the blame on anyone and did the loyal thing.

Another situation where a person had to tell the truth even though it wasn't loyal was when I was in a summer program.

As the program came to end, the organizer went around and asked students about the teachers. There was one teacher who was suppose to teach a certain area, but spent class time talking about other things. So when they came to me and ask did you think that teacher was doing his job, I was face with a tough decision. Tell the truth or go along with everyone else and said he did a wonderful job. I decided that if going to say anything I should be honest. I told the people what went on in the class but I also told that the teacher gave me a better perspective of life. Many people may say I wasn't loyal, where in fact I was truthful and that's more important...