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asklfhlkh lksh lsahd lsh lshl lsh l During my life, I have heard people referring to passion as a hobby. To me, passion is something that is truly special in person's life. It is something that drives his or her life. Passions have helped me become a better person. Just as Russell had three passions he lived for, I have three simple passions that I live for: education, music, and watching the culprits of World Trade Center attack getting eradicated from this planet.

My first passion, education, plays an important role in everyone's life, but most people do not consider education as their passion. In contrast, I consider education as one of my passions. To me, education represents freedom. It also allows me to understand world better than most people. It will continue to play an important part of my life until I die. Anyone who thinks education is worthless and a waste of time is sadly mistaken.

There is nothing in this universe that can replace the importance of education. I am glad that I learned the true meaning of education before it was too late.

In addition to education, music also has played an important part in my life. For me, music has been a special passion because of the range of emotions and creativity. I love the different ways a song can make a person feel. Hardly anyone can argue that music helps people relax and alleviate their pain. Sometimes when I hear a song, it makes me feel like the artist must have been writing about me. Music has the ability to inspire people in many different ways. It really is hard to think of anything other than music that can do that as effectively. Music never ceases to amaze