LSRW Skills for Undergraduates

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LSRW Skills for Undergraduates

Dr. Richa Tewari is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities in Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur. She has been teaching Professional Communication in B. Tech., MCA & MBA courses for over years. Her area of PhD research is American English Literature. She has offered wide-ranging papers on the multifaceted growth of Professional Communication skills in National & International seminars/conferences and also in the renowned journals/magazines.


In the globalized backdrop, good LSRW skills are the keys to unlock the doors to success.

These skills help to build strong relationship and better understanding which are so vital in our

personal and professional life. To be successful in any field one needs to know and understand

how to communicate effectively. Professionals having strong hold on communication skills are

considered assets for any organization. Such professionals set higher level of standards and

add value to the organizational set- up. At present times besides domain knowledge employers

look for sound communication skills in job aspirants. These undergraduates need a specific set

of language skills for their success in education and career. Employers are also voicing their

concerns about the need for better LSRW skills among students. The professional profile of a

modern qualified should include well-developed communication skills and high English

language proficiency to help him achieve success in the modern highly competitive global

work arena. When students graduate from the college and become real professionals, they will

find that English appears even more crucial. For non-native English speakers, unfortunately,

most of the professionals speak English as the first language or the working language. In order

to understand and coordinate with their colleagues and accomplish their projects smoothly,

professionals have to speak good English.

Key words: LSRW, Communication, Interpersonal communication, Presentation skills.

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