Luck (Journeys)

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'Flight to Malaysia by Malaysia Airline is now available to check in at gate F'. This will be my last time travel from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. Incident happened without any premonition. Me and my sister were going to check in at gate F. I think is luck brought us here.

Hi, I am Joseph. I was born in a misfortunate family. My parents are always stressing that education is the most significant thing in our life. Without any qualification, you can only work as a skill worker such as construction worker. Without education, you bring disappointment and dishonour to your family. Without education, your life will be dimmer. This is reality.

Without money, you can't do anything. In order to gain more money to satisfy yourself, you need to be obedient and study well. Although we were poor but we understand how hard our parents need to work in order to make for living.

We had to admit it as our own luck.

We always remember one sentence, "who says that fate cannot be changed?" Joseph and my sister always burn the candle at both ends. We never ever burn midnight oil for our school exams.

Joseph, his mother and his sister went for dinner in a Chinese restaurant near the city. The Chinese food is scrumptious and sumptuous. Out of the sudden, my mum received a call from the boss of my father. After my mum answered the call, her phone dropped. She said that my father who worked as a construction worker fell down from the building. He was injured badly. At that time, I was 9 years old. I couldn't accept that. My tear couldn't stop trotting down from my eyes. I couldn't sleep as I keep thinking of my father.

Absent of dad...