Lucky By: Alice Sebold

Essay by marckurtz March 2004

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Societies view crimes as negative committing made by people. Although, there are some actions that one may do that many will not like, but the worse action to do is stealing someone else's free will. Rape, is the stealing of a person's free will sexually. Societies look at rape as many crimes put together. Therefore, being one of the worse of crimes, people can't treat rape victims; thereby, leading to the person's complete isolation. Hence, being raped can affect a person's life negatively or positively.

In the book "Lucky" by: Alice Sebold, society is shown to treat her as an outcast. Meaning, that the way people around her treat her, I felt was very disgusting and inconsiderate. Her friends', teachers', the people she knew, all isolated themselves from her. The reason is, that people viewed rape as a negative and real low crime to commit. As a result, being raped changes the view that everybody thinks of you as, like it did to Alice.

In addition, her close friends weren't as close and giving as Alice hoped them to be. Lastly, I feel that the way people isolated Alice, was like she had a sickness that was contagious.

The rape negatively impacted Alice Sebold in a key important way. Alice's self-esteem was impacted immensely, where she even at a point was self-deprived of herself. In addition, because being raped has impacted Alice in many ways; we see throughout the novel that there are a lot of up's and downfalls in her self-esteem. We see Alice's attempt in keeping her high self-esteem from the novel on page 57; "Hey, I said. What is it? I wanted to hold her. I wanted her to hold me. I'm sorry, she said. You're doing so well with it. I just don't know...