Lucky Connection, is setting up and employs ten laboratory scientists and ten administrators.Answer the questions below:

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1. Outline a possible system (hardware and software)for Lucky Connection.

2. Assume Lucky Connection decides to go ahead with your proposed system. Produce an outline implementation plan for them. Ensure that you include all the necessary activities to get the system up and running.

3.Lucky Connection has also asked you to advice them on security issues and any legal issues that may need to be considered.



Hardware is the electric, electronic and mechanical equipment that makes up a computer. (Gary.B, 2001 : 4) The hardware needed for Lucky Connection includes input devices, output devices, a system unit, storage devices, and communication devices.

Input device allows a user to enter data and commands into the computer. (James A: 47) The input devices needed are keyboard, mouse, image scanners, and prerecorded sources. A computer keyboard contains keys that allow you to type letters of the alphabet, numbers, and other symbols.

Keyboards also have numeric keypads which are arranged in a layout similar to calculators. This keypad will be useful for entering data quickly.

A mouse is a handheld device that contains two or three buttons. The mouse controls the movements of a symbol on the screen called a pointer. A mouse enables us to control the computer system by pointing to commands rather than entering them through the keyboard. Image scanners are used to input words or images directly to a computer such as drawings and graphs. Image scanners have different sized. The images captured can be modified or combined with other information.

The prerecorded source includes tape recorders, record players and stereo amplifiers which can be connected to a computer that captures the sound as they played. This will result in high-quality music and voice reproductions. They then can be combined with text and image to...