The Lucky, the gods, and the Stupid.

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Teen pop idols Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have become not only hot items in the music world, but also now have broken into the realm of television with their new show Newlyweds. Essentially, MTV cameras follow Nick and Jessica wherever they go recording every " bump, fart, and food related foul up" ("Solo Projects of Newlyweds"). In an early episode of the reality show, Jessica ponders for a moment over a bowl she is eating from, before asking her husband, "Is this tuna? Or is it chicken? I know it's tuna, but it says Chicken of the Sea on the can!" ("Solo Projects of Newlyweds"). Every week there are more than 2.4 million viewers that watch this flagrant display of stereotypical blonde moments. With each episode, we are drawn into their world of $1,400 dollar sheets, 7,000 square foot homes, and flamboyant multi-thousand dollar parties. (Halperin and O'Neill 58).

Today's entertainers are outrageous. Across the board, sports are becoming more violent; celebrities are seemingly god like, and music stars are stacking up more wealth by the minute.

America is perceived as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, most likely because of the wealth that is displayed to the rest of the world. We broadcast the red carpets, big sports competitions, glitz and glam. We put out more movies than any other country, pay our entertainers more than anyone, and report more on their personal lives than all the international news coverage combined. For every episode made of the sitcom Friends, each actor received 1 million dollars (Ken Baker et al. 42). There are on average 13 episodes per season, with 6 main actors. That is 78 million dollars per season for their salaries alone. The average salary for a non-starting football player is 1.6 million dollars. Those...