Lucky Lips

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Essay on "Lucky Lips" by Paul Jennings

Key Question: Describe the ending of the text and explain why it was important.

In "Lucky Lips" by Paul Jennings, the story ended with Marcus being thrown into the pig pavilion and being kissed by the giant sow. This ending is important because it teaches the audience that things don't always go your way, and that you should be careful for what you wish for because if you get it, it may not be what you wanted in the end.

After Marcus receives the 'magical' invisible lipstick from Ma Scritchet and demonstrates on Jill, Fay and her mother and all the girls in his class, he goes to the Royal Melbourne Show with Fay and her friends. When Fay suggests that they go to the pig pen, Marcus refuses and instead says, "Who wants to look at filthy pigs.

Let's go and see Big Ben. He fights people. Anyone who can beat him wins one thousand dollars and gets to kiss the Queen of The Show." Fay then makes a joke regarding his nickname "Lucky Lips" and when everyone laughs, he feels humiliated and instantly wants to prove them wrong. Marcus makes a bet and says, "I could get a kiss from the Queen of The Show," then afterwards, "Just watch me."

Marcus then seeks out the Queen and when he finds her, he quickly smears on some of the lipstick. Almost immediately, the Queen jumps off her chair and with wide eyes, throws herself at him for a kiss. Big Ben notices this exchange between them, and straightaway assumes that Marcus had been the one to kiss her first. He angrily shouts "Trying to steal a kiss without a fight, are you?" "I'll teach you...