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Ludwig von Beethoven, born March 26th 1770. Beethoven's music career began at a young age with the help of his father who was a singer and an instrumentalist in the service of the Elector of Cologne at Bonn. At age 11 ½ he had his first debut for C.G. Neefe a court organist at the time to whom his father played for. At age 12 he published some music. In 1787 he went Vienna, but returned quickly when hearing of his sickly mother back home. After 5 years he returned to Vienna where he settled. He continued he studied with a man called Joseph Haydn. His first public debut was in 1795, which was the same time his first important publication appeared. In 1802 he had realized he had a hearing problem.

Symphony #9 was the period Symphony #9 was composed in and was 1917,1822-1824 and was published in 1826.

The main body of the piece was completed in 1823. The symphony was published by Schott and was dedicated to King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. I listen to a version off the Internet, by Leonard Bernstein, Philharmoniker. The duration is 71 minutes and 2 seconds.

To my preference at first glance I felt this would be a very difficult assignment and something I was truly going to hate. But then I realized after listening to this symphony that music would never be the way it is with out great composers as Beethoven. If I was to choose one thing about this symphony is the fact that it was unpredictable, what I was expecting was a very boring repetition of the say melody over and over. What I came to realize was there was an excitement to it because it was so unpredictable and the way the tempo...