Lunar Bases--Living in Space.

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People say that if we built homes in space that it would look exactly like it does on Earth. Is this true? It could be, with the idea of the O'Neill Island 3.

The O' Neill is a space habitat, that is an air tight bottle with a length of 30 kilometers and a radius of 3 kilometers. The outside of the bottle would be built of alternating rectangles of land-area and transparent windows. The bottle will spin around its cylindrical axis once every two minutes. The rotation will make a centripetal acceleration, which is equal to the gravity on Earth. Also, air will be pumped into the land areas. Since the air pressure will be around 500 meters above the land area clouds will form due to the large amount of water vapor in the air.

The habitable amount of area inside the O'Neill will be around 270km^2.

That means the surface area should hold around six million people. The production of agriculture will take place in smaller separate cylinders. The industrial area would also be in another separate cylinder due to the high transportation and pollution risks. The public service areas and shops will be placed underground and don't take up any surface area needed. Also, underground will be many train stations so people wont need their own form of transportation.

This idea seems somewhat hard to believe, but apparently in the near future there will be materials strong enough and stronger than a diamond. Therefore, we would be able to build a habitat out of that material. Sunlight will also have to be directed inside using different methods. We would have to get the material for the habitat somewhere in space, because there is no way we would be able o build something like the...