Lunch with three celebritys of your chosing

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"Do you have a booster seat?" "A glass of warm milk please my child." "Do you happen to have a Russian game hen on hand?" "Umm...can I just have a hamburger please?" Wow all these people are so different. I can't believe I am sitting here with Napoleon, Mother Theresa, and Ralph Lauren. A dictator, saint, fashion mogul, and high school junior suprisingly we are all having really great conversations.

Oh gosh, Napoleon is of course trying to dominate the conversation once again. Just because he has had ties with some of the most powerful people in the world doesn't mean that he is the dictator of this conversation. He keeps asking me where Josephine is. Who is this mystery women? Now he's trying to explain to Mr. Lauren what world domination feels like. For such a small man he speaks with such gusto. Even though I'm kicking myself for inviting him I know why I did.

Napoleon was one of the most influential people in world history. His ability to publicly speak has even inspired U.S. presidents. After he calmed down a bit he told us all about being exiled to Saint Helena where he died.

"Wow these people are crazy! There's a French midget who keeps telling me his life story. I don't really care much about his life but as a saint I must listen and smile. I am slowly trying to explain to him that Josephine is probably just in the restroom. Across the table is this gorgeous silver-haired falcon of a man named Ralph Lauren. He is such a shy man. I melt every time he looks up from his game hen." "I wonder what Mother Theresa is thinking about?" She's not talking that much I'm not sure why I even...