The Lure of Professional Leagues

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This essay discusses why athletes enter the pros early

The Lure of Professional Leagues

In the past few years, a great number of college athletes have been leaving school

early to enter into the professional leagues. Some athletes are even skipping college and going

pro straight out of high school. Many people ask what is causing these athletes to turn

professional so early. I believe there are three reasons for their decision.

The first factor that causes students to enter the professional leagues early is simply,

money. These athletes are still just kids. If a kid has ten to twenty million dollars waved in his

face, he is more than likely going to take it without thinking about the consequences. The

majority of adults would jump at that chance. College athletes constantly see the professional

stars doing endorsements on television and being driven around in limousines. College athletes

aren't allowed to do endorsements or promote anything, although the publicity they generate

makes money for the university.

Many of these athletes come from low socioeconomic

backgrounds and are not used to having money. Some are even having to support their own

parents and siblings. These athletes cannot afford to turn down the money.

The second cause for students leaving college early is fame. Many athletes are well-

known in college, but nothing like the athletes who are the professional leagues. Look at

Emmit Smith, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys. A person cannot go into a mall in

America where his jersey is not sold. Both little children and some adults worship him.

Professional athletes are even making their own movies now. What other profession can a

nineteen or twenty year old be paid millions to play a game and have a movie career on the

side? The lure...