The Lymphatic System

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The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is very important. It helps

with the Cardiovascular system, and our immune systems.

The Lymphatic System is made up of two semi-independent

parts. One is a network of lymphatic vessels. The other

part is various lymphoid tissues and organs all over the

body. The functions of the Lymphatic System transporting

fluids that have escaped from the blood vascular system,

and the organs house phagocytic cells and lymphocytes.

Lymphatic vessels are an elaborate system of drainage

vessles that collect the excess protein-containing fluid and

returns it to the bloodstream.. Once an interstitial fluid

enters the lymphatics it is called lymph. The lymphatic

vessels form a one way system in which lymph flows only

towards the heart. This entire transport sytem starts in the

lymph capillaries. These are very commmon, usually occur

in the places blood capillaries occur.

Lymph capillaries are

not found in bone, teeth, bone marrow, and entire central

nervous system. Lymphatic capillaries are very permeable.

The endothelial cells that make up the walls of the

capillaries are not tightly joined. Filament anchor the

endothelium cells so they can expand. Pathogens can

spread through the body through the lymphatic stream.

There are many cells in the lymphoid tissue. One type

is lymphocytes, which are reffered to often as T or B cells.

Plasma cells are antibody-producing offspring of B cells.

Macrophages are phagocytes that help out with immunity.

Reticular cells are cells that form the lymphoid tissue

stroma. Thes cells are very important parts of the immune


The Lymphatic System also contains tissues. The

tissue of the Lymphatic System is reticular connective

tissue. It hold the macrophages and changes the number of

lymphocytes. It is an important part of the immune...