Lyndon Baines Johnson: a summary of his projects and important events while in office.

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The only president to be sworn in on Airforce One, Lyndon Baines Johnson was the 36th president of our country that was sandwiched between two of the most known presidents of his time. Despite Johnson's decisive actions to reform the country and continue the assassinated President Kennedy's programs, his incredible work is often forgotten somewhere between Lee Harvey Oswald and the Watergate Building Scandal. Although he has received little credit for his accomplishments, Johnson introduced Medicare, a medical insurance program, under the Great Society, which was a social reform. Lyndon Baines Johnson, "LBJ", did many wonderful things for our country, like introducing Medicare and the Great Society, but many people disliked him for his actions concerning Vietnam.

Of LBJ's many programs, the Great Society was his most influential, reforming, remembered, and successful. Johnson's "War on Poverty" was a battle against whatever creates financial and social lower class, and a focus on health and education.

Launched in 1964 after being mentioned in his State of the Union Address, it had a dramatic impact. Not more than a year after the program had begun; the poverty line dropped dramatically. By the end of Johnson's term, the poverty line had dropped from 22.2% to 13.3%, where it remains today. It was under this project that he began the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He also opened the Job Corps. - A more effective unemployment service, and introduced food stamps. Johnson was constantly stating that "This program is a hand-up. Not a hand-out." He also knew that this program would offend the dignity of many lower class citizens. Because of this, he made super markets where food was sold at much lower prices so that all the needy could participate. His civil rights act of 1965 outlawed racial discrimination. Medicare opened medical...