M88 Managerial Accounting

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Managerial Accounting

THU 06:00pm - 09:00pm

Submitted to: Prof. Ana Bess Pingol

Submitted on: Thursday, July 25, 2013

Submitted by: Bryan Joseph Panjaitan

Company's brief history

Mansion88 is a Philippine licensed bookmaker that is renowned as one of the most reputable Asian online gaming sites owned by an Indonesian conglomerate Putera Sampoerna in 1998 after he purchased the brand from European betting company. The company itself was founded in 1990 as Gibraltar Mansion but was not really known for its reputation in this business field for it was out casted by some bigger vendors in Europe such as Bwin and Betclic which hold the majority shares of the market there. After the acquisition by H. M. Sampoerna Group, Mansion88 or simply M88.com (changed as of April 2013) became the top leader in online casino and gaming sites throughout all Asia.

Mansion88 is powered by PlayTech software, the worlds most prolific and trusted online gaming software.

PlayTech consistently offers the most exciting and engaging casino and gaming environments. This new software is part of a recent site overhaul that has taken care of many complaints that Mansion88 has had in the past and should mean better service and faster payouts. In addition to their active sports book and casino they are one of the only sites to offer Keno on the internet. Although M88.com is known for its reputation in the save and structured online betting, the company is still paying royalties to IBC for using its platform and back office for sports betting in several ball games and horse racing categories.

The company expanded quite fast for the last 3 years of its operation. As of July 2010 M88.com decided to implement a 24 hours office operation in order to get more customers and enlarge its market share...