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Did you ever eat macaroni and cheese when you were little? I did, I love macaroni and cheese! I eat it all the time. It's easy to make, its quick, and it tastes so good. I've always been interested to find out more about macaroni and cheese. It is so resourceful, economical, convenient, and easy and has always been a family favorite. One of the biggest food brands, Kraft, makes many different varieties of Macaroni and Cheese.

One of the leading companies in the Industry is the company Kraft. Mr. Kraft introduced Macaroni and Cheese in the U.S. in 1937. The timing of the products launch was kind of perfect for the company's success. During World War II, having limited amounts of milk and dairy, and an increased reliance on meatless entrees, created a captive market for the product, which was considered a hearty meal for families all over.

It all started in 1903 when 29-year-old James L. Kraft moved to Chicago, where he started selling cheese to grocers from a horse-drawn wagon.

In his earlier job as a clerk at a grocery store in his native Ontario, Canada, Kraft had learned first-hand that cheese was a highly perishable and unpredictable commodity. Now in business for himself, Kraft knew his success depended on offering cheese with consistent flavor and freshness. In order to get the most awesome cheese, Kraft made sure he was the first in line each day at the South Water Street market in downtown Chicago. After cautiously selecting his cheese, the inventive Kraft made personal calls to grocers, who liked the service because it saved them a trip to the wholesale market. To enhance his growing reputation, Kraft began to package cheese under the Kraft name - one of the first to take cheese from a commodity...