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English Essay on Macbeth

In this essay I am going to try and determine who was to blame for the death of Duncan.


Duncan himself could by blamed for his death . Duncan is to lenient with security around himself,visiting places and during battles he only has a few men around himself for protection.This makes himself an easy and tempting target for anyone who wanted power or who could gain from his death.

He also temps people to much with gifts,and power.He gives Macbeth both of these filling his head with ideas and tempting him toward the crown.

When the king invites himself to Macbeths castle people would obviously assume that the king trusts Macbeth and Macbeth is his friend so why would he want to harm him.

1.Duncans guard is down

2.Macbeth and Duncan are seen to be good friends

3.People would think that Macbeth could not gain anything from Duncan death (yet)

These things tempt Macbeth but more importantly these factors were Duncan fault.

Duncan helped his own death by lack of security and he trusted people to much.

The Guards

Lady Macbeth drugged the guards while Macbeth killed Duncan(his 2 chamberlains will I with wine and wassail so convince,that memory,the warder of the brain).When Macbeth had killed Duncan they put the daggers in the hands of the sleeping guards and put blood on them.When Duncan was found and so were the guards as they were they proved a useful red herring for Macbeth.As they were drugged the guards also had no alibi.It also didn't help there case when Macbeth killed them as soon as he found them,so they couldn't have explained anyway.

The guards were responsible for Duncan death because they let themselves get drugged and did not...