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In the story "MacBeth" by William Shakespear, MacBeth and Lady MacBeth are both guilty characters. Lady MacBeth plans the murder and MacBeth does the deed. Soon later they both go insane Lady MacBeth ends up killing herself, and MacBeth ends up killing others for no apparent reason. But who is more guilty? Lady MacBeth, who plans this murder or MacBeth who actually commits the crime.

MacBeth is confused about the witches predictions. He wants to become king but he doesn't know if killing his sibling is worth it. "If it were done 'tis done, then t'were well. If were done quickly."-MacBeth MacBeth doesn't know what to do in this situation. He is debating wether or not he should kill Duncan. Duncan has noble qualities and MacBeth doesn't want to ruin the bond and loyalty between them. For example, MacBeth is obligated to protect his guest and kinsmen while they are visiting.

He knows that this action may come back to haunt him. MacBeth realizes that if he kills Duncan he will be labeled as a sinful person. He starts to think that committing murder is an insufficient justification. He recognizes that killing Duncan may not be the answer to getting what he wants. This quote emphasizes MacBeth's second thoughts of wether he should kill Duncan.

Lady MacBeth is a very evil person but when it comes down to committing a crime she doesn't want to do the time. "Alack I am afraid they have awaken, and 'tis not done."-Lady MacBeth She is afraid that someone has awaken while MacBeth was killing Duncan. Lady MacBeth will do anything to make her plan work, but she is afraid of being caught. MacBeth is also petrified and won't put the daggers back with the guards. Lady MacBeth couldn't kill Duncan...