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Khoi Nguyen

Intro to Drama

Fall 2014

Reading: Euripides' Medea

Lines spoken by Jason: from "You have certainly got from me more than you gave…" to "…The ends of the earth nobody would have heard you." (17)


This line illustrates Jason's argument against Medea. He went against everything Medea did for him and actually called the people of her land, barbarians, "Firstly, instead of living among barbarians, You inhabit a Greek land and understand our ways." (17). The word "barbarians" really stood out to me in this line because it highlights the fact that Jason not only cause pain to Medea, but try and manipulate her that she was wrong. According to Jason's argument, Medea should only be grateful, instead of living her life in grief. Jason points out that she is practically fortunate to have step foot on the Greek lands and understand their culture, for he thinks their ways are more superior to her land " You inhabit a Greek land and understand our ways.

How to live by law instead of the sweet will of force." (17). This line shows that Jason is only thinking of himself, he does not put Medea's mourning into consideration and try to accommodate her. Instead, he puts her at fault and told her she is lucky to have married him. I am sure a part of Jason must be in remorse. However, it seems like he is too focused and he only cared about justifying his actions so that Medea could forget about his injustice to her and quit her evil schemes. In addition, he also indicated Medea's advantages coming into the Greek lands. Which were, being considered as a clever woman, and was honored by the people of the land. It was...