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Macbeth is a product of Shakespeare's time. Discuss this statement in relation to your understanding of the text.

Macbeth written by William Shakespeare is considered to be one of the darkest and most powerful tragedies. Through the themes and values within the play we see that Macbeth is a product of Shakespeare's time but it challenges society's views. The play explores the issues of the natural order of society, femininity and masculinity, kingship and tyranny and unchecked ambition.

During the Elizabethan era the natural order of society was of great importance. It was made up of two things the Great Chain of being and the Divine right of Kings, any disruptions of the order would bring chaos and strife into the world. This order and the chaos it creates is portrayed throughout Macbeth. The Great chain of being is the belief that everything and everyone was arranged in a set order, God being the top followed by the king, then the pope, noblemen, merchants and finally peasants.

There was an order for animals, plants, angels and even bodily functions and organs. The divine right of kings was the belief that the King was God's chosen representative on earth and any act of treason against the king was seen as an indirect sin against God and punishable by death. Within the first few scenes of the play the thane of Cawdor commits treason against King Duncan and therefore threatening the natural order of society and committing a sin against God. The thane of Cawdor because of his treason his fate was set to be 'execution'. When Macbeth murders king Duncan the natural order of society is disrupted and chaos follows with unnatural disturbances. After the death of Duncan an old man talks to Ross about the supernatural disturbances, they say that...