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: Examine Macbeth and Lady Macbeth after Duncan's murder. In what ways are they alike and different?

At the beginning of the play Macbeth and his lady were very close, this is supported by the how he referred to her in his letter "my dearest partner in greatness" when he informed her about the witches prophesies. They shared everything, though he could have waited until his return he chose to send a speedy letter to her instead. She was like his best friend, his greatest confidant. This was their relationship at the beginning. As they planned the murders it is Lady Macbeth who leads her husband, Lady Macbeth who tells him to be a man, and that she would be able to kill her own child if she had sworn to do it. She is the one leading her husband, and he follows her lead, her advice and gains strength from her counsel.

After Duncan's death, Macbeth begins to make decisions and change the course of the plays action. Killing the attendants, killing Banquo and hoping to kill Fleance so that his heirs will be kings are both decisions quickly made after Duncan's murder. Lady Macbeth was left out of every decision after the murder of the king. Throughout the play as Macbeth wades out into the river of blood that he has created, with each death he is responsible for, he distances himself from her more and more. He does this to protect her, but instead it has the effect of isolating her. Sending her further and further into her own counsel, which drives her insane. Unable to cope with all that she has done and is responsible for. Her dreams are plagued by guilt. She has not place to escape from herself or her mind so she does...