Macbeth- Character Analysis

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What is Macduff's motivation?Macduff, to a large extent, is driven by patriotism. His primary motive is his love for his country, Scotland. This is displayed when he tells Malcolm of his grief over his country's suffering/s, quote:"…new sorrows strike heaven on the face, that it resounds as if it felt with Scotland and yelled out like syllable of dolour."- Translation: "The grief cries up to heaven and the skies seem to feel Scotland's sorrow, for heaven's cries echo the same note."- Macduff, Act 4, Scene 3, Lines 6-8Macduff wants to defend his country and is so motivated by his love for his country that he leaves behind his beloved wife and children to bring back Malcolm, whom he believes will restore peace and harmony to his homeland. His passion to defend his country is shown in the following quote.

"Let us…hold fast the mortal sword, and like good men bestride our down-fallen birthdom."-

Translation: "Let us take to our deadly swords, and like good men, defend the downfallen country of our birth."- Macduff, Act 4, Scene 3, Lines 2-4In all the productions, Macduff is portrayed similarly to the original text of the play. He is depicted as a righteous, noble, patriotic, brave, loyal man, who bases his actions upon a pure love for his country.

What is Macduff's relationship with others?His family- Macduff seems to be a very loving, very caring father, who seems to be loved back by his wife and children. His relationship with them seems very powerful, and he is anguished and deeply moved when news arrives of the murder of his wife and children, quote:"I cannot but remember such things were, that were most precious to me."- Translation: "I can't help remembering my wife and children, who...